Congregational Mediation

  • Mega Church Pastor Converts to Catholicism

    [ad_1] Allen Hunt used to be the pastor of a mega church but eventually found the truth of the Catholic Church. Over 20 years God planted seeds in his heart that led him home to the Church where he found several “hidden treasures” in the Church. These treasures are not just the fact that the […]

  • I Don’t Have To Go To Church To Be A Christian – Right?

    [ad_1] Ok, I’ll give you that. But if you have a desire to grow spiritually then attending church is conditional and should also be your desire, and is encouraged throughout scripture. God instituted local churches to help Christians grow spiritually. There you will have fellowship with other believers-including opportunities to serve and encourage them. You […]

  • A Modern Document Management Filing System for Churches

    [ad_1] No matter what religion you are, there is a lot more to churches, synagogues and mosques than just prayer meetings and bible classes. Records must be kept of all activities that involve the church and its members. Church committees are accountable for everything that happens within their responsibilities. That’s why even churches need a […]

  • 3 Church Bulletin Design Tips

    [ad_1] Most church bulletins unfortunately, are very poorly designed and cheaply printed. While most churches are on a tight budget, a quality church bulletin design can go a long way towards improving a church. Members become better informed, participate more actively at events and think better overall of the church. You will be surprised at […]

  • What Every Pastor Should Know Before Building a New Church

    [ad_1] You’ve decided to build a new church or to build on to your existing church. This is a very exciting time in the life of a congregation, full of big dreams and excitement about the fellowship that will be enjoyed in your new house of worship. But don’t let all that excitement keep you […]

  • Assumptions About Church Building Lead to Costly Mistakes

    [ad_1] One of the biggest mistakes that churches make when they are looking to expand their existing structure is assuming that they can just build on and add whatever they want and still be in compliance with building codes and zoning ordinances. Just because your church building was in compliance with all the city or […]

  • Worldwide Church of God All Over Again?

    [ad_1] When Herbert W. Armstrong died, Dr. Herman Hoeh declared that the seventh candlestick had been lit. That means Laodicea officially began immediately. Nearly four years later, Malachi’s Message to God’s Church Today began to sound the alarm: something wasn’t kosher in the Church of God! It exposed a corrupt ministry intent on destroying the […]

  • The Usher of Your Inner Church Is Your Mind!

    [ad_1] The way an usher in a church operates and ushers a person to their appropriate seats is liken to the way your thinking patterns takes thoughts and put them into action. Your usher is your sifter screen that put people and things in their appropriate places inside your inner church body as well as […]

  • Welcoming Visitors to Your Church

    [ad_1] Don’t you hate going to church? Well, a new church, that is. We know we want to go, but it’s so easy to give in when our mind gets filled with worries about being the new kid on the block. What do they believe? What do they wear? What are they like? Who are […]

  • Ever Wonder What Your Churches Candles Mean?

    [ad_1] What do the candles in your church mean? Most Christian churches use candles with various meanings. The most common use is as a reminder of the light Jesus brought into this world. This kind of light doesn’t just light up a space in the night but enlightens our lives. The Orthodox Christians probably use […]

  • Learn Guitar For Church Playing

    [ad_1] There’s no greater honor than to stand before your congregation and play guitar for worshipers of Christianity! Singing praises to the Lord with your fellow church members is one of the most awesome experiences any one can have. God has given us talents to sing his praises and playing guitar for the church is […]