Mediate Litigated Cases

Mediation provides a confidential and effective method of resolving litigated matters of all subject matters. McHugh & Chen are trained in a variety of mediation styles from facilitative, evaluative, to transformative, as the case or parties may require. We have a broad spectrum of subject matter expertise in tort and business litigation acquired in over 50 years of combined litigation experience. We have extensive trial, arbitration, mediation, and appellate experience. Our subject matter expertise include:

Breach of contract. An example of the kinds of contract disputes we have handled in our years of practice include real estate sales contracts; broker/agent/sales commissions; contractor/construction performance; employment; software licensing; manufacturing performance; FINRA; security broker performance; partnership/business dissolutions; commercial lease; restaurant/bar sales transactions; automobile industry compensation and commission; cell tower installation on private property.

Personal injury. This includes catastrophic trucking accidents; wrongful death; automobile accidents; premises liability, trip/slip and fall; negligent supervision; defamation (libel and slander); invasion of privacy; cyber bullying; ADA violations; police brutality; and elder abuse.

Insurance coverage. We have handled insurance coverage disputes including homeowners, CGL and automobile policy coverage; carrier’s failure to defend; complex fire loss claims; and insurance bad faith; earth movement exclusions. We have been appointed and served on behalf of insureds in insurance appraisal proceedings.

Construction defect. Having handled numerous landslide and construction defect cases, we have a broad understanding of the issues on the subject. We have litigated on behalf of and defended owners, contractors, design professionals, and engineers. We have successfully negotiated repair protocols.

CEQA environmental/land use. We have successfully litigated on behalf of proponents and opponents of development projects subject to CEQA challenges through out California. We have taken cases to the appellate court, one of which has been published. See, Fall River Wild Trout Foundation v. County of Shasta (1999) 70 Cal.App.4th 482.

Employment. We have successfully represented employers and employees in a wide variety of employment cases including wrongful termination; retaliation; discrimination; sexual harassment; whistle blowing; unfair business practices; wage and hour; ADA; EEOC/FEHA violations. We have negotiated employment separation agreements on behalf of employers and employees. We have served as consultants to various businesses.

Probate. We have litigated and settled cases involving will contests, and claims of undue influence and breach of fiduciary duty by executors/representatives.

Elder abuse. This includes financial, emotional and physical abuse of the elderly.

Fraud. We have handled complex real estate fraud cases; breach of fiduciary duty; non disclosures and elder abuse administration.