Litigated Cases

  • Sibling Rivalry – When Brothers and Sisters Fight

    [ad_1] Sibling rivalry is one of the oldest problems in humanity. Rivalries often occur due to jealousy, competition and a child’s perception that he or she is not accepted. It’s normal for a child to begin to explore who he or she is in relationship to others. Since children most often spend time with other […]

  • How to Answer This Question: Why Are You Interested in This Position?

    [ad_1] Here are some model answers for the question: Why are you interested in this position? Adapt these answers to your own circumstances. You want your answer to sound natural and unrehearsed even though you have actually given it a lot of thought and know in advance what you are going to say. As a […]

  • Considering Intermediate Term and Long Term Goals

    [ad_1] Intermediate term refers to the financial goals you plan to reach within five years. For example, if you want to accumulate funds to put money down for investment in real estate four years from now, some growth-oriented invest¬≠ments may be suitable. Although some stocks may be appropriate for a two- or three-year period, not […]

  • 5 Facts About Salt Lake City Weather

    [ad_1] Salt Lake City is growing rapidly, and many people are moving to the city to live in a place that ranks highly on Best Places to Live lists. A quick visit, however, is not enough to understand SLC’s unique weather. There’s always something to do, from skiing in the winter to hiking in the […]

  • Who Should Make the First Offer in a Negotiation?

    [ad_1] If you are involved in a negotiation where money is involved, who should make the first offer? The answer is that you 1) always want to get the other side to make the first offer and 2) you want to delay discussion of salary as long as possible. 1. You want to delay the […]

  • 5 Steps To Take To Deal With Workplace Bullying

    [ad_1] In recent years the number of cases of people seeking help with workplace bullying through legal means has increased substantially. But in most cases this is because the person who is being bullied has tried other routes with little or no success. Certainly if you were to know ways to prevent workplace bullying from […]

  • Stress Management and Spiritual Awareness

    [ad_1] Stress and Spiritual Awareness Whenever I am feeling stressed and I need a mental booster, I look at God’s beauty for spiritual inspiration and encouragement. When you take the time to witness God’s natural beauty it will help you to reduce your stress and maintain your inner peace because you are reminded that there […]

  • How Online Mediation is Different From Face to Face Mediation

    [ad_1] There are many differences in mediating online and mediating in person. 1. Online mediation is a time-delayed process and not contemporaneous like mediating in person. There is a different rhythm in online mediation because each party answers via email usually at least once a day. 2. There are no visual cues online; all content […]

  • When Going to Divorce Court is Your Best Option

    [ad_1] When should you choose divorce court over mediation? This guide explains the times when going to court is truly your best option, and what kind of legal help you need in court. Sometimes, couples working out problems together does not work. Mediation may not be possible. It may just be time to go to […]

  • How to Negotiate With Your Doctor Like a Pro

    [ad_1] Be Prepared A friend of mine had an appointment today for follow-up with her surgeon. She already had a cat scan and a pet scan to determine if her cancer had returned. When she was waiting for the doctor with a paper gown, she was asked where the test results were. Here are some […]

  • The Difference Between Good Success and Bad Success

    [ad_1] Do you desire to be a good success here on this beautiful earth? Do you need the secrets that can ensure you record good successes in everything you do? If you answer YES to these questions, then i believe you need to know the difference between good successes and bad successes “This book of […]

  • Five Approaches to Managing Conflict

    [ad_1] There are five approaches to conflict. The five approaches are based on two dimensions of personality: assertiveness and cooperation or people orientation. Your approach, based on your personality style and the other party’s style, will have a great impact on how and whether a conflict is resolved amicably. The five approaches are: Avoidance (low […]