3 Church Bulletin Design Tips


Most church bulletins unfortunately, are very poorly designed and cheaply printed. While most churches are on a tight budget, a quality church bulletin design can go a long way towards improving a church. Members become better informed, participate more actively at events and think better overall of the church. You will be surprised at how far good marketing materials can take you.

1. Make Your Church Bulletin Easy to Read

The number one most important thing to consider when creating a church bulletin is the typography. Most churches have many members all with varying eyesight quality. Older members especially have trouble reading very tiny type. This is why it’s good to try and find a happy medium. You want to be able to include as much information as possible, but still make the church bulletin easy to read by any member of any age.

Play around with different fonts and font sizes and have a sampling of people from different age groups of your church look it over and comment on how well they can read the type. The easier your bulletin is to read, the more people will act on the information within it.

2. Add Photos and Color

Nothing is worse than a boring old church bulletin in black text, printed on flimsy paper. They are easy to ignore and often thrown away quickly. You can have a much greater impact by adding some photos and color to your church bulletin. This can cost more, but the return on your investment can also be much larger.

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People love images and color and these elements will draw them in and make it easier to absorb everything in the bulletin. Images and graphics also work well to break up large blocks of text, which can make reading seem like a daunting task. Add some life to your bulletins and you will not be sorry with the results.

3. Use Your Church Branding

It can be hard to think of a church like a business, but when it comes to branding the same rules apply. A strong church starts with a strong brand and one of the leading ways to strengthen your brand is to use your logo and brand styling consistently across all your marketing materials.

This includes, church bulletins, newsletters, the website, flyers and anything else you print to hand out to members and potential members. The easiest way to keep things consistent is to create a style guide for your church which tells whoever is creating designs for your church how to use the logo, the church colors and other brand elements.

This will help create a uniform look and is much more professional. It’s the little details like this that can really make a difference in the long-term growth of a church.

Follow these church bulletin design tips and your church members will be more active than ever.


Source by Gino Orlandi