December 2014

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  • Mega Church Pastor Converts to Catholicism

    [ad_1] Allen Hunt used to be the pastor of a mega church but eventually found the truth of the Catholic Church. Over 20 years God planted seeds in his heart that led him home to the Church where he found several “hidden treasures” in the Church. These treasures are not just the fact that the […]

  • I Don’t Have To Go To Church To Be A Christian – Right?

    [ad_1] Ok, I’ll give you that. But if you have a desire to grow spiritually then attending church is conditional and should also be your desire, and is encouraged throughout scripture. God instituted local churches to help Christians grow spiritually. There you will have fellowship with other believers-including opportunities to serve and encourage them. You […]

  • A Modern Document Management Filing System for Churches

    [ad_1] No matter what religion you are, there is a lot more to churches, synagogues and mosques than just prayer meetings and bible classes. Records must be kept of all activities that involve the church and its members. Church committees are accountable for everything that happens within their responsibilities. That’s why even churches need a […]

  • Sibling Rivalry – When Brothers and Sisters Fight

    [ad_1] Sibling rivalry is one of the oldest problems in humanity. Rivalries often occur due to jealousy, competition and a child’s perception that he or she is not accepted. It’s normal for a child to begin to explore who he or she is in relationship to others. Since children most often spend time with other […]

  • 3 Church Bulletin Design Tips

    [ad_1] Most church bulletins unfortunately, are very poorly designed and cheaply printed. While most churches are on a tight budget, a quality church bulletin design can go a long way towards improving a church. Members become better informed, participate more actively at events and think better overall of the church. You will be surprised at […]

  • Considering Intermediate Term and Long Term Goals

    [ad_1] Intermediate term refers to the financial goals you plan to reach within five years. For example, if you want to accumulate funds to put money down for investment in real estate four years from now, some growth-oriented investĀ­ments may be suitable. Although some stocks may be appropriate for a two- or three-year period, not […]

  • 5 Facts About Salt Lake City Weather

    [ad_1] Salt Lake City is growing rapidly, and many people are moving to the city to live in a place that ranks highly on Best Places to Live lists. A quick visit, however, is not enough to understand SLC’s unique weather. There’s always something to do, from skiing in the winter to hiking in the […]