A Modern Document Management Filing System for Churches


No matter what religion you are, there is a lot more to churches, synagogues and mosques than just prayer meetings and bible classes. Records must be kept of all activities that involve the church and its members. Church committees are accountable for everything that happens within their responsibilities. That’s why even churches need a document management filing system.

Ministers need to spend as much time as possible tending to the needs of their parishioners. But they also have to ensure that their record keeping is accurate and up-to-date as well. There are often many different people involved in the running of any place of worship, and the successful functioning vitally depends on a modern and comprehensive church database management system.

It’s imperative an efficient filing system is implemented to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks because there are so many different factors that have to be accounted for.

The types of records that must be kept so that they can easily be found when needed include: prepared sermons and speeches, books and research material for future sermons, topical sermon outlines, current lists of parishioners, marriages, weddings, certificates of births, christenings, baptisms, deaths, and funerals.

Files for financial records relating to all income, donations, expenditure, wages, budgets, fund-raising campaigns, committee meetings, minutes taken of such meetings, annual reports, newsletters and all other written material.

If the church has a mortgage, that file must be closely managed to ensure that payments don’t get neglected. A smart filing system has built-in reminder settings for regular payments such as this.

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Churches should always have enough bibles or other resources for attendees. If new resources need to be purchased, records should be kept. It’s natural for these resources to wear out as they are used frequently.

The church also has to maintain records relating to equipment usage and maintenance, warranties, repair manuals, repairs done to the building itself, whether outside or inside and such things as painting, woodwork repairs, etc.

Records of the regular repairmen used should be kept so that if work needs to be carried out, they can handle it and provide the same high standard of workmanship.

A software management tool is the only way all of these records can be kept and be able to handle documents in different formats and store them within the same files. Such a system doesn’t have to be alphabetical. It can be customized to suit the needs of the church. By having a central computer-based master copy of all files and documents in a church database management system, any member of the office staff or committee can check where a file is located at any given time.

This comprehensive document management system will help the minister in many ways. Because it will be more efficient, he can file documents easily and quickly. He can also locate information just as quickly, reducing the time he’s forced to spend on administrative matters.

Different religions may also have specific additional needs apart from those mentioned here and they also have to be taken into consideration. This is also why customized, modern document management software is so beneficial.


Source by Janet Baker