Litigated Cases

  • How to Negotiate Like a Pro on the Phone

    [ad_1] Negotiating on the phone has some disadvantages and advantages. Obviously, unless you have a video phone, you cannot see the other party’s facial expressions or body language. You are dealing solely with a voice. When negotiating over the phone, try not to let your voice give your position away. If you come to an […]

  • Technology Acceptance Models

    [ad_1] The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) is an [information systems] theory that models how users come to accept and use a technology. The model suggests that when users are presented with a new software package, a number of factors influence their decision about how and when they will use it, notably: o Perceived usefulness (PU) […]

  • Getting the Most From Personal Injury Mediation

    [ad_1] Personal injury cases are difficult to keep objective; people have been injured, after all, and often feel passionate anger about the circumstances. This by itself often makes convincing clients that mediation is their best option a challenge: Many injured parties walk into a lawyer’s office seeking vengeance, and a calm, objective mediation process doesn’t […]

  • Conflict Resolution

    [ad_1] Turning swords into plough-shares is not an easy task, but the ability to facilitate conflict resolution is a key skill for any manager or team leader. Some organisations seem to promote conflict as a means to driving their workforce, using a divide and rule mentality. Competitive behaviour can in some situations improve team performance, […]

  • How to Manage Medications For an Alzheimer’s Patient

    [ad_1] Before we start on how to manage medications for an Alzheimer’s patient, it is imperative that you understand that an Alzheimer’s patient has to take his prescribed medications. If the patient does not take the medications, it could lead to physical and mental problems and you find yourself making a trip to the emergency […]

  • Civil War – It May Be Forever

    [ad_1] When it became obvious that there was going to be a shooting war between the North and the South, there were days of immense personal conflict to a great many regular army officers. Among them, of course was Robert E. Lee, who was one of the most famous officers in the army, and to […]

  • Mediation Can Create Parenting Plans That Really Work – Every Other Weekend Is Not The Only Answer

    [ad_1] More and more parents are looking for ways to avoid lawyers and court when facing divorce or separation. And more and more, they are turning to mediation. Mediation can help parents create successful parenting plans, even when the parents don’t seem to be getting along very well. The mediator is a neutral participant who […]

  • Defiant Parents – Worried Kids – What to Do When Mom & Dad Refuse Help

    [ad_1] Those who grew up in the 70’s remember the war protest chant, “Hell no….We won’t go!”. It seems that those same rebellious adult children now hear a similar protest when they approach their aging parents about getting help at home. The 1970’s protest chant was a result of forcing people into a situation they […]

  • Roman Catholic Beliefs – The Great Deception

    [ad_1] Many people have asked me why I dislike Catholics as much as it seems that I do. The answer to that question is that I do not dislike Catholics. In fact most of the Catholics I know I love very much. They are close friends and family members. My mother and father lived and […]

  • Why Meditation is Important

    [ad_1] It’s easy in our world of café mochas, soccer practice, and nights at the movies to lose touch with the rhythm of our souls. There is so much competing for our attention, that the practice of meditation and soul searching may just seem silly. Many of us have a system of organization that gets […]

  • Forgiving After An Affair

    [ad_1] Find out that your spouse or significant other has been unfaithful can be one of the most painful things that you can go through in a relationship. Sometimes, even the strongest bonds can be broken because of an episode of unfaithfulness. Forgiving after an affair is a hard thing to do, but it is […]