Roman Catholic Beliefs – The Great Deception


Many people have asked me why I dislike Catholics as much as it seems that I do. The answer to that question is that I do not dislike Catholics. In fact most of the Catholics I know I love very much. They are close friends and family members. My mother and father lived and died as Catholics. As far as the rest of the Catholics, I love them with the love of Christ who lives in me.

The Catholic Church is one of, if not the most deceptive organizations ever to inhabit the earth. They are very dangerous because they look like a Christian religion. A very good counterfeit is the most dangerous kind of counterfeit. They teach that Jesus Christ is God, however they tell you that the job He did on the cross was not good enough and that’s why you have to go to purgatory to pay off your sins. The Bible tells us that Christ died for our sins, past present and future. The Bible also teaches us that God will move our sins away from us as for as east is form west. That’s pretty far! He will also “remember our sins no more.”If God doesn’t remember our sins than why is He sending you to purgatory? The Catholic Church tells you to rely on it for your salvation, and if you don’t believe in Mary as the mediatrix and pray to her to mediate with Jesus for you, you will not be saved. The Bible, God’s Word tells to you rely on Jesus alone for your salvation. We are to admit we are sinners, confess our sins to God, repent of our sins and rely on Jesus as our Saviour. God will forgive you of your sins, whatever they are. It’s a free gift, you only have to accept it.

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They change the Bible to agree with what they are doing instead of doing what the Bible says to do. They justify this by telling you that God changed his mind and told the pope to change the Bible.

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, He does not change. He even told us that in the Bible. And why would he have to change, He is God! He knows everything about everything! That would preclude having to change because everything would be done right the first time!

This is only a small part of the great deception

God Bless You,

Arnie Petrosino


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