The Usher of Your Inner Church Is Your Mind!


The way an usher in a church operates and ushers a person to their appropriate seats is liken to the way your thinking patterns takes thoughts and put them into action.

Your usher is your sifter screen that put people and things in their appropriate places inside your inner church body as well as sift people and things not fit for you out of your inner church body! When there is discord in your inner church body, it is the duty of your mind to bring order to your thinking to rectify your inner church!

The pastor of your inner church is your higher self, which is aligned and collaborated with the Holy Spirit, which brings order to the mind, or the usher, which in turn bring order to your inner church! Then when your church goes out into the world and experiences life, it produces ordered fruits.

But the attention should always be on the order of the inner church body not the ordered fruit! Non-attachment to the fruit of action means attention to cause and not effect. This is a path of consecrated action called Karma Yoga!

Then the effect is in order and you are yoked with the creator. Creating becomes easy without burden and pressure. Trying to bring order to disordered effects by attention to the effect will always reflect back to you a more disordered cause.

In other words, it’s almost like a boxer trying to win a fight because he is mad at his opponent but has not yet give attention to his own inner training at all prior to the fight! He is not strong and is unprepared and will get knocked down. He is like the unprepared usher or mind that gets in a fight with life without prior orders from the pastor or higher self! He does not know how to handle the people and things that try to enter his inner church, which is also known as his soul!

Failure to give attention to your soul is like building a huge mansion and failing to give attention to the foundation!Your conscious spirit in mind operates as an usher to keep order in your soul. A true usher or a true mind knows which thoughts it needs to take to the alter, which is likened to your frontal lobe this is the par t of the brain the wholes the concentration of power and visualization. It shines the light on your perception and makes your thoughts real for you.

You can become so focused on your thoughts that the seem to have a reality and that even your body responds to. Your body will not know the difference from a past or future thought from a present moment physical reality.

This is why if you concentrate and hold your thoughts on a negative memory or trauma, which is a negative thought, your body responds the same way, it did at the initial trauma. This is the powerful feeling behind flashbacks. Learning to control the nervous system in times of trouble, trauma, lost or pain and to replace the negative thinking pattern with a single grateful thought of breathing or living, is the key start to balancing mind body spirit and soul with the peace that passes all understanding.

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Keeping a powerful and positive thought or image on the frontal lobe will cause that image to draw closer to you. Here is the power of your mind. It is the doorkeeper of your life. It goes into the secret high place which is a high thought and here is where you become one with your true nature and higher self.

Life is but a dream of thoughts and it will evolve into a chain of continuous growth of whichever dreams you focus on, the nightmares or the pleasant paradise dreams. These dreams are made up of different levels of thinking realities. It is a chain that is always and consistently connected to our conscious minds.

Whatever state your conscious mind makes a habitual chain of actions in itself, will be duplicated and magnified many times over and over again in your unconscious memories and it will wire your nervous system according to your feelings you hold while you think, act and exercise free will. Order in mind equals order in thoughts equal order in emotions equal order in action equals order in perception equals order in life.

A chain of a single continuous thought becomes an attitude. Then as time goes by this attitude then turns in to a belief. Then the belief in turn changes into a perception, which shapes our physical reality, environment and surroundings. The people you meet and the places you go all are results of your chain of thinking in mind.

Now realization comes of the importance of the usher of your inner church. It has many rolls other than being just a doorkeeper. When you realize that it is a dominion keeper you give it a different ranking, which brings the rest of your life in a respectful order.

You know the fruit of the usher when it is time for the thoughts in the church to hold hands like a unity of people. Like-minded people fire together and wire together. They form a neural net that is very strong. It is impossible to break it because it is one sum that is greater than its whole. Where two come and agree the father says he is there. A neural net of these twos create a collective power created by the usher of the inner church.

Now the inner church is powerful and can change the world. When a group of strong inner churches come together, it forms a strong physical church that has the potential to create a new heaven and a new earth with one Christ Consciousness.

Order and oneness lacking from a physical church family that goes to church together every Sunday is lack of each individual’s attention on bringing order within their own inner churches! What’s done on the inside is shown on the outside! As a man thinketh in his heart so is he as well as collectively!

Praises going up and blessings coming down in the inner church is an explanation of how our chakra energies move up and down in our bodies! Sending praises up the spine in the body while send blessings down deeply rooted in abilities and power to your root chakra.

Get into your INNER CHURCH BODY!!


Source by Jeremy S Kinlaw