Learn Guitar For Church Playing


There’s no greater honor than to stand before your congregation and play guitar for worshipers of Christianity! Singing praises to the Lord with your fellow church members is one of the most awesome experiences any one can have.

God has given us talents to sing his praises and playing guitar for the church is one of the greatest ways to glorify God. There are several well known duets, solo artists and even bands that go from church to church playing gospel music for God’s glory. You too can learn guitar for god praising.

I’ve had the honor of playing in a band while singing in a few churches and I know there’s no greater feeling than to be blessed with the knowledge that you had blessed others with your music. Whether you’re an experienced guitarist or you’re just starting out, God will inspire you to play guitar for worship. By asking Jesus Christ to come into your heart, you would have made a commitment to bless others. This would make one start to appreciate the life that Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for in a different light.

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In modern days, several churches have their own sounds systems built in with microphones and amplifiers. The acoustics are pretty amazing in the sanctuary of the church and provide a rich and clear sound. One important tip is that you should choose the most appropriate songs that will bless the majority of people in your congregation. Another tip is to make sure you pick songs you will be the comfortable playing and singing at the same time.

Practice and learn everything you can about playing the guitar and the different major guitar chords. You can play several church gospel hymns with only three guitar chords and a few gospel songs with as little as two guitar chords. Once you learned the basic chord progressions of songs, you should then practice those songs over and over to make them perfect. Finally, be sure to record yourself and listen to the recordings for any improvements that need to be made. This will help you polish up your skills in playing worship guitar. Have lots of fun while you learn guitar for praise!


Source by P. Gian