Congregational Mediation

  • Church Planting – Legal and Functional Implications

    [ad_1] It has been my pleasure over the last couple of years to have the opportunity to work with many passionate, inspired Christians during their journey in church planting. These faithful missionaries have been such an inspiration- demonstrating their devotion to God by working diligently to create a new flock from the unchurched. Reaching out […]

  • Should Your Church Use QuickBooks?

    [ad_1] Perhaps you are a church accounting looking to upgrade from your excel spreadsheets to some bona fide accounting software. QuickBooks Non Profit Accounting Software may or may not be a good solution for your church depending on your situation. Below are some considerations you may want to think about before buying QuickBooks (QB) for […]

  • Starting a Tax Exempt Church

    [ad_1] This article discusses the steps one would need to take in order to create a tax exempt Church. The process for creating a Church involves some paperwork which must be taken – first – at the state level and – second – at the federal level. Initially, to create a Church (or Synagogue or […]

  • Secrets of Effective Church Outreach

    [ad_1] An effective church outreach takes a multileveled, intentional vision and techniques. One that includes community service, evangelical missions, and projects that are created to establish a deeper impact amongst people is most important. So are there really secrets to church outreach? Are there specific methods that are needed to be followed step-by-step in order […]

  • What is the Real Source of the Catholic Church’s Power, and Why Do They Want to Keep it Hidden?

    [ad_1] The story of the Knights Templar is a fascinating one that has been shrouded in mystery for hundreds of years. The Knights Templar were said to guard a secret, mysterious source of power of the Catholic Church, which gave them incredible power and influence. Some say the Knights Templar were the engineers of the […]

  • Should Parents Force Their Children To Go To Church?

    [ad_1] There are many parents in today’s Christianity who are not able to Get their sons and daughters to go to church without having to force them. This is turn does nothing but destroy the relationships between the parents and children. Jesus said that He had come to turn children against their parents. But is […]

  • The Cost of Using Free Church Accounting Software

    [ad_1] Not all churches are willing to or can afford to purchase church accounting software. Having a comprehensive accounting software tailor-fit for a church’s needs does cost money. A church may be interested in having one but could be under some circumstances that prevent it from buying the said software. Conducting a search over the […]

  • Christian Church: How It Has Grown and Changed

    [ad_1] Is there really one Christian church? This is hardly true anymore. There are over 1,500 recognized Christian denominations. Whether you are a member of a Christian church or not, you may be curious as to how exactly the single church that Jesus Christ organized when he was on the earth has become so many […]