What is the Real Source of the Catholic Church’s Power, and Why Do They Want to Keep it Hidden?


The story of the Knights Templar is a fascinating one that has been shrouded in mystery for hundreds of years. The Knights Templar were said to guard a secret, mysterious source of power of the Catholic Church, which gave them incredible power and influence. Some say the Knights Templar were the engineers of the banking system that we use to this very day. They are even credited with creating the first military style order that exists to present times.

Many believe that the secret guarded by the Knights Templar was somehow related to The Temple of King Solomon. Indeed, that is where their name comes from. The Templar is a shorted form of Temple of Solomon. The Temple of Solomon, is yet another source of mystery and power. Because not much is written about the Temple of Solomon other than in the Old Testament, some argue that it’s very existence is but a metaphor.

But a metaphor for what? The Temple of Solomon is said to be the source of power that rests inside everybody, including you, reading this article right now. You have in you a source of power, just as mysterious and glorious as that protected by the Knights Templar hundreds of years ago. And just as quickly as they gained power and influence, they were summarily arrested and many executed by the powers of the Catholic Church.

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Could it be that the source of energy and influence repressed by the most powerful religious organization the world has ever seen resides inside you, right here, right now? Is this what the Catholic Church want to cover up when they effectively stamped out the existence of the Knights Templar? The real source of power, which is you?

Sometimes things are not quite as clear as they’ve been presented, and many times large organizations would like to keep the masses from knowing the truth. What other secrets have they kept?


Source by George Hutton