Secrets of Effective Church Outreach


An effective church outreach takes a multileveled, intentional vision and techniques. One that includes community service, evangelical missions, and projects that are created to establish a deeper impact amongst people is most important.

So are there really secrets to church outreach? Are there specific methods that are needed to be followed step-by-step in order to help spurt the church’s growth? There is actually a lot, but not all of it is considered effective. Letting people know your church’s existence may seem easy, but there are other aspects to be taken note of first. But before we go with that, bear in mind that before doing any of these suggestions, be sure to have an adequate budget and a group of volunteers ready ahead of time.

One common practice done by most churches, especially the newly established ones, are sending out mailing campaigns. It could be sent to anyone you knew; a friend, neighbor, relative, or even a colleague who might be interested with it. In each mailing, try inserting a colorful leaflet or brochure that would give more information about your church. It would be also better to have a personal letter from the pastor addressing the receiver and what he/she can do next after getting the mail. Of course, what would be more encouraging is a follow-up call a few days after. You might want to invite the receiver to attend one of the congregation’s activities or ministries.

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If this works, then that’s good. Another idea you could do is to hold an open community party, which anyone can go to. Offer free food and organize religious-related games that would introduce more about the church you’re in. Provide enriching prizes and let the attendees write down some basic details about them that you could use for subsequent calls and perhaps, a few messages. If some of them got kids, it would be great to encourage their kids to join your Bible school. It could be done either after-school or during the weekends for at least an hour. Make sure to make each class as enjoyable and fun as you can, so as not to make the kids bored. Provide colorful and creative presentations that children can identify themselves of. Most importantly, let them be aware of what the classes are for.

Additional technique would be evangelical missions, which would require preachers to visit one house to another. It may take roughly half an hour at the least, or it depends. Afterwards, a pamphlet would usually be given to provide further details on the goal of the church. Aside from that, a medical mission would also be advantageous. You do not only spread the Word of God, you also get to heal those who are ill and cannot afford to buy medicines for themselves. Those are just some ideas that you can apply. But bottom line is, the ultimate purpose of why you’re doing all these is to make Christians known.


Source by Anthony Obey