Healing Touch – 9 Steps to Take in Creating Healing Ministries For Churches


Creating a healing ministry for a church is both exciting and tedious. You will need lots of patience and fortitude no matter what your denomination may be. A healing ministry is based on the work that Jesus came to do. We observe in the scriptures Jesus praying, laying-on hands and most likely anointing with oil. He sent his disciples out to heal and anoint so we can surmise that he also anointed and taught his disciples how to do it.

The prayer part is very understandable but we aren’t quite sure what Jesus was doing with his hands-exactly where he placed them, whether he held them still or actually moved them. And we aren’t sure what oils he was using-but this we do know-he was not using cooking oil or lamp oil (olive oil) all by itself. He would have been using the known healing oils of his day.

How Can a Healing Ministry Be Developed in Your Church?

Educate yourself. Read and learn through courses on healing ministry that integrate prayer, hands-on healing and anointing.
Gather a team of other like-minded individuals who also want to see a healing ministry at your church
Approach the pastoral staff for approval and support
Offer to study healing and its role in church ministry
Get a committee together to write policies and procedures specific for your church community
Educate and train your healing team members
Have the pastor introduce the healing ministry concept to the church community
Commission the healing ministers for the church
Set up the schedule for the healing ministry
Benefits of a Healing Ministry for a Church Community

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The benefits are truly awesome.

o Brings the community together in prayerful support of those who are ill or in need of healing of any kind

o Can help heal wounds in the church community

o Enable more members to participate at a level of personal giving that is rewarding to both giver and receiver

o Can become a magnate for the larger community (aid evangelization)

Want to learn more about healing ministries and how to incorporate prayer, hands-on healing and anointing with essential oils?


Source by Linda Lee Smith