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  • How to Keep Young People in Church

    [ad_1] While I do not like to change the title of this article I want to state some clarifications. This is still part of our discussion on spiritual development. I certainly focus on young people because they are in the prime of their youth, and because of this they are so much more useful to […]

  • Meditation As a Training For Letting Go

    [ad_1] Detachment – Self-Mastery – Discipline Westerners are drawn to Buddhism for a wide variety of reasons, but many are specifically attracted because they want to learn to let go of unwanted states of mind that are making them unhappy. Some want to let go of anxieties, fears, obsessive thoughts etc. Others say they can’t […]

  • Church Financing Ideas

    [ad_1] Church financing can be a difficult task for any church because obtaining church loans is not something a church does very often. The construction of a new church can be a thrilling event for your congregation. It’s an indication that your church is thriving. Obtaining financing can be a daunting task and sometimes creates […]

  • How to Do Church Strategic Planning

    [ad_1] Many are recognizing the importance of church planning. The bible supports the value of setting clear directions, prioritizing and counting the cost. Nehemiah’s plan to return to Judah to restore to Jerusalem is a prime example. Church leaders are to lead the people for whom they are responsible with diligence and they can do […]

  • Christians Surviving Divorce – 6 Things You Need to Know Now

    [ad_1] If you are a Christian surviving divorce, here are six things you need to do now. Divorce isn’t easy for anyone, but you can make it easier for yourself by doing these six things. 1. Rest in the fact that God isn’t against you. God hates divorce but not divorced people. God is full […]

  • The Spiritually Dead Church

    [ad_1] The spiritually dead church. Now, I am not talking about every church. There are a lot of good churches out there. I am talking about, the churches who have christians, that gather only for the sole purpose to gossip, gather at social meetings, and feel important. Alot, of churches, have turned into “apostasy” churches. […]

  • Candida Cure – Colostrum Components

    [ad_1] The two major components of colostrum which is a Candida cure, are immune factors and growth factors: Immune Factors Immunoglobulins (A, D, E, G, and M) -neutralize toxins, viruses, and bacteria in the lymph and circulatory systems. Lactoferrin-antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, iron-binding protein with therapeutic effects on cancer, HIV, cytomegalovirus, herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome, Candida […]