The Spiritually Dead Church


The spiritually dead church. Now, I am not talking about every church. There are a lot of good churches out there. I am talking about, the churches who have christians, that gather only for the sole purpose to gossip, gather at social meetings, and feel important.

Alot, of churches, have turned into “apostasy” churches. Gathered only, to condemn sinners, and feel as though, they are more important than those they consider unworthy. Jesus Christ, told his followers and servents, “To gather the sheep, and preach the news to all nations. To minister to the lost, the poor, and the spiritually dead”. The exact opposite, is happening. Christians, are becoming complacent, and have a hardening of their hearts. They believe, that they are above rebuke, and of higher standing than they really are. They forget, that they were once lost sheep and spiritually dead. This, my friends, is “apostasy”. An abandonment, of their loyalty to Jesus, and their primary goal, “To win souls for Christ”. We, as Christians, have a duty, to help those that need God in their lives. To praise Him, for everything he has done for us. For once we were lost, and now we are found. It saddens me, to think, how many souls are lost, in need of help, and a spiritual rebirth. To know that Christ died for our sins, (John 3:16), to save us, and we cannot help those that need our help the most.

We as believers, in the Almighty Sovereign God of the universe, should in brace those, that need Him, and help them in times of trouble. To minister to our fellow brethern, and those that don’t know him. This, is the primary goal of the church. To show love and tolerance for those that are lost, without hope, and desolate. For if we as a Church body, cannot show this, “How is God the father going to show it to us?” To many times, I have seen people who needed help turned away, and christians, believing that they are to good to help them. They fear, that they might become infected by these lost souls. They sit in church, and listen to the minister, but they do not absorb what is being said. They look and act, as though they are followers, but their actions, speak differently. They say, “They are doing the Lords will”, but they are far removed from Him. Jesus, said,” I have not come for those that are saved, but those that are lost. I have come to minister about my father’s love, and to save those who do not know him.” “Are we not to do the same”?

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Are, “We not to minister to them, and show The Father’s love through us?” “How can we do this?”, when we are more concerned, with what is going on around us, and not with those who need God in their lives. “How can we?”, show Gods love, when we have no tolerance or patience for the lost sheep. I say, “We cannot, and should not, expect God to honor our lives, when we have not honored him!” We as christians, and fellow believers of Jesus, should chastise those that claim to be doing the Lord’s will, but do not. We should not, hold ourselves above reproach and rebuke. We should honor each other, whether, saved or not.

To do this, is to be found honorable, in The Almighty God’s site. Do not, judge those who look different, or are not saved. Embrace them, tell them, how Jesus changed your life and how he can change theirs. Let them, know about God’s love, and how he can help them. It will not be easy, but remember what Jesus said, ” You will be persecuted for my name, but lo, I am with you always, even till the end of time.”


Source by Paul Bradley