November 2014

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  • Negotiation 101 – Five Tips to Achieve a Win-Win Resolution

    [ad_1] Negotiations are essential especially when two parties do not agree on a particular issue. The issues can be regarding money, certain possession like property, land or inheritance. A family with a fortune may disagree on how to share amongst themselves the inheritance especially when the property involves large amounts of money or huge chunks […]

  • Is Your Church Struggling Financially?

    [ad_1] As I talk to church leaders around the U.S., I hear stories of flat and reduced salaries and staff and program cuts. More than a year of recession and slow recovery has taken its toll. And many churches depend on the generous giving of older members who are gradually dying off, while the generations […]

  • How to Start Meditating at Home

    [ad_1] Meditation is an activity that asks the practitioner to put their body and mind into a relaxed and focused state. People that meditate regularly report increased awareness of their feelings, thoughts and emotions, a stronger focus and concentration, as well as increased happiness and positivity. Meditation is most commonly associated with East-Asian philosophy and […]

  • Church Sound Systems

    [ad_1] The quality of church sound systems should not be taken lightly by anyone…the ministry staff, the sound technicians, or the congregation. Church is a place to hear God’s word, talk with friends, and to just relax from all the stresses of the outside world. The sound system is one touch point that overlaps all […]

  • Love and Prayers to Heal Divisions in the Christian Church

    [ad_1] More than same-sex marriage and pedophile priests molesting choir boys, what tears the Christian Church apart is its own followers’ biases and prejudices against each other. As Christians, we tend to focus too much on our diversity that we forget what it is that unites us: our faith in Jesus Christ, his death for […]

  • Help With Marriage Problems – 7 Steps to Help Save My Marriage

    [ad_1] People who need help with marriage problems would need to know what are the possible causes for a break down in their relationship. One thing you would need to do is to find out what the problem in your relationship concerns. Does it involve troubles in managing your finances? Are you having difficulties juggling […]

  • The Cheating Church at Work

    [ad_1] A minister once wrote anonymously requesting prayer from me. He had been having an affair for many years, meeting a woman in a hotel about halfway between their two cities. He used the Scripture, “like a dog returns to its vomit” to describe their relationship and lamented that, to make the matter known as […]

  • Zen Buddhist Meditation

    [ad_1] Surely, you have seen images of the practitioners of Buddhism sitting in the lotus position. Those familiar with such a posture are undoubtedly aware that when practitioners are in such a position they are meditating. Without a doubt, meditation can be considered one of the most vital components to the practice of this eastern […]