November 2014

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  • Top Five Most Popular Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria

    [ad_1] Pentecostalism started in Nigeria in the early 1950’s with the coming of the Christian missionaries into Nigeria. It was a double targeted message they came to deliver to the passionate Nigerians as they came with the gospel of Christ and also ensuring that those they came to preach to were educated. The exponential growth […]

  • The Importance of Leadership Through the Change Process

    [ad_1] Change within organisations can take on a wide variety of forms and includes different types of organisational action. The pursuit of organisational change is usually related in one way or another to the goal of improving performance and productivity. These ends can be attained through various forms of organisational change. Some of these variations […]

  • Proto-Oncogenes & Tumor Suppressor Genes in Normal Physiology & Neoplasia

    [ad_1] Proteins encoded by proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes execute diverse cell features. Not surprisingly, these contain proteins that recognize and repair DNA deterioration, proteins that manage the cell schedule, proteins that mediate progress element signal transduction pathways and that regulate programmed cellular passing away, and proteins needed in cell adhesion, proteolytic proteins, and transcription […]

  • Legal Affairs – The Division of Marital Assets

    [ad_1] One of the hardest parts of a divorce is deciding who gets what. Spouses who have built their lives together must now face the challenging task of splitting those lives and their possessions. This daunting task can not only further raise stress levels, but cause irreversible bitterness and hurt. Using family law in Orange […]

  • Traditions of Men – Series Opener

    [ad_1] The question is often asked “What would Jesus do?” when faced with a problem in life. But how often do we ask that question when faced with non-biblical teachings in Church? Just as there are numerous denominations one can attend, each denomination it seems, comes with it’s own list of traditions created entirely by […]

  • Information About No-Fault Car Accident Benefits

    [ad_1] 1. I was injured in a car accident. Am I entitled to compensation? In addition to the possibility of a lawsuit to recover a money award or settlement for injuries, pain and suffering and other losses, Ontario’s government requires automobile insurers to provide certain mandatory benefits to most people who are injured or killed […]

  • Administering the Local Church Through Promoting Stewardship

    [ad_1] Introduction The word Stewardship stems from the Greek word Oikonomia which means “the management of a house or household.” It is the administration of duties or goods in one’s care. It can be defined as the aspect of the church’s administration, which deals with the individual’s responsibility for sharing systematically and proportionately his time, […]

  • UCAS Personal Statement Help

    [ad_1] The Universities and College Admission Service (UCAS) mediate all applications made to universities in the UK. You cannot apply directly to a UK university and therefore all applications must be made via UCAS using the dreaded UCAS form. This form requires you to enter your personal details, your course choices and most important of […]

  • The Church at Auvers

    [ad_1] The painting “The Church at Auvers” is dramatic in its form. The land in front of the church is lit up by the light of day. The rays of the sun reach the ground here, and lush green vegetation thrives as a result. However, as we move closer to the church, the rays of […]