What to Do When Your Boyfriend Distances Himself – Know the Solutions for Positive Results


It could get really painful for a woman once she sees that her boyfriend is starting to distance himself. It’s typical for her to think that she’s done something wrong that’s why he’s starting to drift farther and farther away. But there are so many reasons why a guy would do this, so blaming yourself should be the last thing that you should do.

It isn’t always about you.
Don’t take it too seriously for now. What you need to do is to give this man a little time by himself. He might just be going through some dilemma that he can’t share with you yet. However, if he stays this way longer than you expected, then you have the right to talk with him about the situation.

Look back on those last few moments with him.
Think back – what do you think caused him to start behaving in such a manner? Did you do anything that pushed him to distance himself from you? Or did he show signs that he’s been ignored yet you seemed oblivious then?

This is no time to sink into depression.
You may say that it’s normal to feel down – and you’re right. But to wallow in this negative emotion is what’s wrong. Instead of focusing on the bleak future ahead, why don’t you do something to improve the situation?

Talk about this serious matter.
If things don’t get better, you should suggest that you both sit down and talk about the matter. Try to listen to his explanation, and judge not. See if you could still both do something about this circumstance.

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Use your gut feel…or at the very least, your common sense.
If you feel that he’s keeping his distance because he’s trying to hide something, then it’s about time that you trust your gut feel. Most of the time, women are correct about their doubts but if you’re still uncertain, try to use a little common sense. Sometimes you’re blinded by your emotion that’s why you can’t judge correctly. See the glaring signs, girl!

Assess the changes that need to be made.
If your guy tells you that something went wrong along the way, then give him what he’s asking for. If he says that you’ve been too busy, then try to give a little more time for him. Things should improve. If not, then it isn’t you that should be changing but this guy!

Seek some counsel.
If you’ve been in this relationship long enough, or if you’re already married to this man, it’s advisable that you seek professional help. A little counselling could go a long way. This should be the proper venue to vent out your concerns about each other. The professional counselor should be able to mediate on your issues.


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