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  • The Prayers of Our Hearts – Are They to Be Our Real Focus?

    [ad_1] THE PRAYERS OF YOUR HEART DON’T NEED TO BE SPOKEN. God already knows them. Uttering them might in some ways assist in the process of self-understanding, but other than that, prayer requests for the things we want for ourselves are unnecessary. I realise this is probably going to raise an eyebrow or five. But […]

  • What to Do During and After a Car Accident

    [ad_1] Accidents will happen. Nobody wants to cause an accident, but everyone has their time, well not everyone, but most of us. Preparing for the unknown can be very helpful so you know what to do after an accident both physically, then financially. If there are injuries in an accident call 911 immediately, you don’t […]

  • How To Meditate On The Bible All Day Long (Psalm 119:97)

    [ad_1] In Psalm 119:97 we read a most amazing statement. “Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long.” The psalmist has a passion for God’s truth. He is so enthralled by God’s Word that he thinks about it constantly. For this writer, pondering the Word of God has become a […]

  • The Sandwich Generation: The Challenges of Everyday Life

    [ad_1] A typical day for many families in the United States looks like the following: make breakfast for the kids, pack lunches, take the fastest route to drop off kids at school, rush over to work, spend 8-10 hours in business meetings, writing emails, making phone calls, etc. By the end of the day you […]

  • High Blood Pressure Medication Types and What They Do

    [ad_1] Medical conditions such as hypertension should never be ignored. Your overall health depends on how your body processes what you eat, as well as your genetic predisposition to certain health problems. High blood pressure medication is designed to help lower your blood pressure and maintain a healthy pressure within your veins. Hypertension is characterized […]

  • The Role of a Forensic Accountant

    [ad_1] Forensics, from the Latin forensis, means “before the forum”. So how does that play into accounting? Because of legal connotations, a forensic accountant is defined as one “employed in proceedings pertaining to legalities”. A forensic accountant will often find himself testifying under oath in an effort of discerning where, who and why the money […]

  • Arizona Mediation for Divorce

    [ad_1] In all states, divorce has to be decreed by a court for it to be legal. However, without doing the courtroom divorce, couples can easily have a calmer, more agreeable divorce where they make the decisions rather than letting the judge do so. Through mediation, this is being achieved more and more. There are […]

  • How to Negotiate With a Two Year Old

    [ad_1] My two year-old grandson Jack, loves my Boston Terrier, Betty. In addition to walking her and playing ball, Jack also loves to wear his “doggy” shirt from a shop in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. He loves it so much that he wears it every day. This, of course, presents a problem when the shirt needs […]

  • When Commercial Contracts Don’t Benefit From Mediation Provisions

    [ad_1] Some businesses and individuals are now considering whether it makes sense to put a mediation provision in a commercial contract because the process has become more popular in a variety of industries for numerous reasons. When this clause is included in a contract, individuals and businesses in dispute would have to attempt to resolve […]

  • Employment Recruiter in San Diego

    [ad_1] The employment recruiters in San Diego, with specialization in many areas can recruit in restaurant management, medical and finance, and other fields. The recruiters not only will give the address and the vacancy lists in the websites. They coach and mentor the aspirants. They mediate the candidates and the company to negotiate on salary […]

  • Professional Conduct on the Job

    [ad_1] Professional conduct starts before you enter the employer’s door. It starts before you begin to look for a job. It starts with you – your attitude. How you interact with other people can make the difference between enjoying your work or hating it. There are some basic tenets of conduct on the job that […]

  • Barking Dogs Need Mediators – Mediation Helps in Neighbor Disputes

    [ad_1] A city in Arizona is reintroducing a mediation program to help people resolve neighbor to neighbor disputes. In particular, the city of Scottsdale, Arizona is primarily introducing this program to assist neighbors resolve their barking dog problems. In most cities, the police or animal control are called to handle a problem that neighbors should […]