Why You Do Not Need to "go to Church" Because You’re a Christian


Today I’m attacking Christian Religion Lie #31: “You should Go to Church” .

Do you really need to go to church because you’re a Christian? Does God require it? Read this article now to get the answers to these questions and many more!

Like Steve McVey says, it’s not wrong or bad to go fellowship with other Christians at Church. He only makes the point that you and I, as believers in Christ ARE “The Church”.

Church is NOT a place – It’s the People

The Church is not a building, a temple, or any “place”. It IS the body of believers…

Let me now quote 1 Peter 2:4 -5 (NIV) where the body of Christ is compared to a physical place:

4. As you come to him, the living Stone-rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him- 5. you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

So it’s a LIE that you “need to go to Church to please God”. Church service should not be a religious millstone we tie around the neck of believers to weigh them down and burden them. It should not be a way to feed our ego and compare our “spiritual maturity” to other brothers.

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The truth is “you ARE the church” and you please God already.

So why go to Church?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go though…

YES, it’s a good thing to get together with other believers and learn more about God… study scripture… share what’s going on in your life… share what God is doing in your life… share your struggles… share your victories… and encourage each other in LOVE and in Christ.

But the truth is you can do this at the church building… or over dinner… or over a cup of coffee.

Personally I like going to Church, I like my pastor, I like spending time with fellow believers and seeing them mature and discussing God and life with them. But it’s not a self-imposed law I hold over myself. I don’t feel guilty if I miss a Sunday… or two… or three. I simply come back when I can and share love while I’m there.

So don’t let anyone hold you down or condemn you with this Lie. You ARE the Church and you ARE pleasing to God already 🙂


Source by Caleb Osborne