Sexual Ecstasy and the Five Senses


How about some spiced up Human Action for your pleasure? The Libertarian Warrior loves sex, especially sex that expands the body, mind and spirit.

Sex “experts” have written about the various techniques for enhancing your sexual pleasure. It’s true that learning certain techniques have a positive effect. However: Is learning and using better sex techniques enough to send you to the highest states of sexual ecstasy? Apparently, enhancing your performance isn’t enough.

The most important factor is your overall consciousness. The higher your level of awareness-the more you soar in your sexual ecstasy. Obviously, when you develop your five senses to a fine sensitivity, you enjoy activities more than a person whose senses have dulled over time or were never developed in the first place. The warrior developed his five senses-fully. He experiences incredible ecstasy.

Developing your senses to their highest sensitivity allows you to experience the pleasures and ecstasies of sex-to the extreme. Let’s begin to unleash the five senses.


When it comes to sex, men are especially visual, which explains the popularity of sex magazines and porn. In truth the sense of sight is important for both men and women.

The warrior advises enjoying sex with the lights on, although the lighting can be soft and romantic. I realize that there are times when lights out might add some mystery to the experience. However visually looking at each other’s bodies while you are exploring them can be quite arousing. You increase her pleasure when you erotically admire the crevices of your woman.

You can arouse a man by admiring his penis when you are caressing it. Look at it lovingly as if it is an enticing lollipop and do all the things you know he enjoys. The sensuous expression on your face says it all.

I realize that some of you might suffer from vague feelings of existing in a haze. Sometimes life’s illusions can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there is hope. You can become the warrior who sees through illusion.


What would sex be without the symphonic sounds of love? Hearing your partner moan in ecstasy is pure pleasure. If you are too embarrassed to express yourself in moans, screams and words of love, you eliminate a critical pleasure factor from your sexual relationship. You deny both you and your partner the poetry of ecstasy. You might as well be deaf.


What could be more erotic than sensitivity to the tender caress of another? How lovingly do you caress your partner? Sex without touch is obviously impossible. Discover your partner’s most sensitive areas and let your fingers and hands do the walking. You can also stimulate your partner’s body with your searching tongue and hot lips.

Some people’s sensitivity to touch has become dulled over the years. There is a sure-fire method for getting your sensitivity back-which we will discuss.


What can be more erotic than the “incense” your partner emits? Women especially secrete an aroma of erotica from their most private parts. Unfortunately, some women are embarrassed by their natural scent. What they don’t realize is that this is a great turn-on to most men. Removing her underwear and having the delicate, sensuous aroma stimulate the olfactory nerve is one of the great thrills in the life of a man.

Men also emit an aroma of masculinity. This can be quite a turn-on to women although it is often on a subconscious level. If your sense of smell has become dull, there is a way you can restore it.


Here is probably the most important sense for experiencing sexual ecstasy. When lips meet and tongues entwine the taste of erotica begins. It’s obvious where the saying “lips of wine” comes from. “Kiss of fire” also describes the heat generated by a lingering kiss.

For some men the taste of his woman’s nectar is the greatest thrill of all. To know that he is drinking from the well of his Goddess is the most sublime experience of all. Any man who doesn’t desire to drown in his lady’s sea of love is a man who has never discovered a love of sensuousness and erotica.

Some women are reluctant to consume the elixir of a man. They believe it will taste bad and choke them. All I can say is that this substance is part of the creative process. It’s the stuff life is made of. Consuming it could be a most erotic and sublime experience.

Unleashing the Five Senses

Sadly, many people suffer from dulled senses. Years of bad experiences, thousands upon thousand of hours in front of the TV, unhealthy personal habits desensitized them. Their five senses run on low or maybe they are depleted. Even with effective techniques, they only experience a fraction of the pleasure that is available. Their ability to experience sexual ecstasy is stunted.

Indulging in daily meditation restores your awareness and enhances your five senses. When you soar to high states of being, you unleash your five senses and that illusive sixth sense. You increase your enjoyment of life at least tenfold-especially in your sexual encounters.

Now if you’re one of those people who think meditation means reaching higher awareness by denying the physical pleasure, you have it all wrong. The opposite is true. You mediate to reach a high state of awareness so you can enjoy the physical pleasures to the max. The warrior mediates to become a Master of Life not to escape it. I explain this in the article Sexual Energy, Impeccability and the Law of Diminishing Returns.

The warrior enjoys the pleasures of life. His or her sexuality soars to the highest level of gratification, ecstasy and potency. I don’t have to tell you what this does for his partner. In addition, he is more sensitive to everything in life. He has fine-tuned his five senses to an acute level of pleasure. Whether it is listening to music, reading an intellectually stimulating book, enjoying dinner, strolling through the park on a warm spring day or intimate activities-his life is usually pure pleasure.

Of course, exercise and other daily practices that fine-tune the body, mind and spirit can increase your sensitivity to life’s experiences. Some people claim certain substances increase the sexual juices and add a new dimension to the experience. In addition, knowing your highest values and acting accordingly makes a difference in your success ratio. Still, the warrior guarantees that a daily meditation program will help put your five senses on high, which means plenty of pleasure and ecstasy in your life.

Robert A. Meyer

The Libertarian Way


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