Church Decorations For Wedding – Create a Beautiful Wedding Atmosphere


Are you thinking about church decorations for wedding? In this article we are going to talk about how to create a beautiful wedding atmosphere.

When it comes to church decorations for wedding you need to make sure that you pay close attention and do not leave anything out. If you forget something you may really be upset when your big day comes but it will be too late then. Let’s now go on to talk about how to create a beautiful wedding atmosphere.

Church decorations for wedding include quite a few things but we are just going to talk about a few essential things:

Flowers For The Altar

No matter where you are getting married you need to have altar flowers. There are many different styles that you can consider. You want want to have a simple large floral display on each side of the altar, maybe you decide that you want something that is low and that goes across the front of the altar. If you want a low key wedding this may be enough for you.

If you really want to jazz things up you can do that with the flowers for the altar. You could find someone that furnish you with hundreds of blossoms for a drape over an arbor or maybe you would want to hang strings of flowers behind the altar area. You may even consider setting up potted trees on each side of the altar area. You may consider hanging lights on these trees if this is the way that you decide to go.

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Pew Decorations

When it comes to church decorations for wedding you must have pew decorations. Most of the time people will put white bows at the end of the pews or possibly a spray of flowers with a big bow in the center of them. This will be quite sufficient if you are doing a traditional wedding. You may consider hanging something such as vases or lanterns on the end of the pews, you can use a shepherd’s hook.

Aisle Accents

Aisle accents are extremely important for your beautiful wedding atmosphere. Almost every bride has an aisle runner, this runner is usually white but other people really add some color. Some people put a monogram on the runner. You can make aisle runners out of different things depending on what you like.


It is important that you keep an eye out for areas to put your candles. There are a lot of different ways that you can use them. Most traditional weddings will have tall candelabras on either side of the altar area and then can be lit to show eternal love. You may also want to line the aisles with candles but make sure you are careful or you may set off a fire.


There are many different ideas to think of when it comes to church decorations for wedding. In this article we have talked about how to create a beautiful wedding atmosphere and now you know what to do..


Source by Rachael Jones