What You Should Know About a Career Counselor


When you do not know what to do about your work it is recommended to use the advice of a career counselor. It has the role and the ability to mediate and help you identify your strengths but also weaknesses. In other words, the career counselor is the person who helps you with advices about your career. He helps you realize the resources, skills, abilities and skills you may have to do a certain job.

He helps you identify the qualities needed for a specific professional direction and to report information about the career. He can only help to understand who are those procedures and strategies related to career change.

A basic condition for success is to be professional from the start ready for the future, determined, flexible and at the same time adaptable to the many social and personal changes that occur on the professional route. The main advantages of professional advisers are:

o providing essential information on the possibilities of development and labor market dynamics;

o awareness of the qualities, skills and knowledge necessary to help you;

o personal information needed for the demands of today’s society;

o providing information necessary to define the goals proposed in both your private life, and your career.

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To become a career counselor you need a number of qualities that you already have or you can develop them when you join specialized courses where you are supervised by a trainer in counseling. To practice in career counseling, a person needs to study or masters in psychology, sociology, psycho-pedagogy, pedagogy, social sciences or education with career counseling topics.

Those who resort to a career counselor are mainly young graduates of the university who are at the beginning of the road, but also other people who either want to occupy a higher level in the organization of firms.

Those wishing to use the services of experts in career counseling can be done through recommendation or through a search of professional counseling centers. In some cases, companies ask employees to use an career counselor.


Source by Cristian Florescu

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