What to Do During and After a Car Accident


Accidents will happen. Nobody wants to cause an accident, but everyone has their time, well not everyone, but most of us. Preparing for the unknown can be very helpful so you know what to do after an accident both physically, then financially. If there are injuries in an accident call 911 immediately, you don’t want to risk anything. Never leave the scene of the accident.

If there are no injuries, exchange insurance information, and take pictures (license plate). Call the police. A policeman in the report will also help to make sure you have the correct information. If you can have the police officer take the photos, but make sure you are getting everything your insurance may need. You want to get the names and telephone numbers of all witnesses of the accident. Witnesses can confirm the story for any claims arising from the accident may go to trial.

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The number one thing to do other than safety is to not get into an argument with the other driver. A lot of anger issues can be unleashed out of an accident and when both parties think that it is the opposite party you can bet there will be some remarks made. After you accident wait in your car until the police arrive they will be able to hopefully mediate the scene. If the other party seems to be co operable then ask for the insurance and it will only make the officers job a little easier. If the situation ends up where the person flees the scene do your best to describe everything the officer, they will most likely catch the person.


Source by Kyle F Sandophar

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