Visitors – Why Should They Come to Your Church?


When someone is looking for a place to fellowship, the internal question I believe they ask is,  “Why should I come to your church?”. It’s nothing to get defensive about, its a valid question. People want to be where they can grow in the strength and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

For those desiring entertainment, they are looking for the plasma screens in the lobby, the impressive edifice, the droves of people attending, the big screen in the sanctuary, the step teams and the other clubs formed in most churches.  I realize that we need something for our young people, couples and the singles.  But, the church is not a club or a community entertainment center.People are looking for answers because they have questions and real life  problems that entertainment won’t solve. As I see the traffic coming to this site from all over, people are reading the posts pertaining to “Church Attendance and Church Growth.”  Attendance is down in many of the larger churches and Churches were also affected by the down turn of the economy. While some people attended more, other attended less. I would imaging those who were no longer able to tithe felt ashamed and stopped attending.

Some churches had to close because they could not afford to pay the mortgage on the building (the real church doesn’t have a mortgage).  In this age of technology, believers should be able to stay abreast of whats going on at their local place of fellowship by going to a website or blog (and I’m sure they do).  If your still knocking on doors, its time to do something different, I believe you will find more people on the internet looking for a place to worship or looking for answers while you are out looking for them to attend your Sunday service. I believe this, if a fellowship provided internet access to the many of its member without a PC, exposed its members to job information, access to resources that would better equip and educate them, more people would seek out these places. The place of worship and fellowship should be more than a place where you come to pray, hear a sermon and give your money.

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Often times people need to talk and they need someone to listen and not condemn, judge or ridicule.  Many people, will need a friend and not a preacher, pastor or evangelist. Take the time to know the person or the family before you push “Membership”. Blaming a persons lack of prayer or church dedication wont help, heal and restore that person to where they need to be spiritually or naturally.

Something the older saints would say about the church was this, “When the church catches on fire (gets busy about Gods business) the world will come to watch it burn (to see whats going on).  Why should someone visit your church?


Source by Nathaniel Lewis