The Proper Steps to Mediate


A third-party person or company can be asked to help settle a big dispute between two people or companies. A third-party person who is tasked to help settle the dispute is known as the mediator. Most of the time mediators should be an unbiased friend of both parties. A mediator can also be someone who has gained trainings on how to mediate properly. There are professional mediators as well whose services should be paid. Mediators should be fair and objective persons so the problem will not worsen. They should also know the right ways or steps on how to mediate. A successful mediation leads to a good solution for both parties. A mediator needs to have a paper and a pen.

1. The first step on how to mediate is gathering complete information and meeting the parties or people involved in the dispute. The next step is asking both parties to tell them their side of the story. A mediator should not agree with anyone involved with the dispute however listening to everything being said is important.

2. The second step on how to mediate is writing down important points from both parties. You can review your notes later and you will get the complete gist of the stories. You will also get to analyze why the dispute arose.

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3. The third step on how to mediate is arranging both parties to have a meeting with you. The mediator is the facilitator of the meeting.

4. The fourth step on how to mediate is resolving the problem. A mediator should explain to both people or companies their complaints. The mediator should also ask important questions especially when you are explaining. It’s necessary that you are able to summarize what each of them believes since you do most of the talking. Do not overemphasize one side. Be careful of aggressive members of a party as well. Always bring back everyone’s focus on the main issue when an argument starts up.

5. The fifth step on how to mediate is asking both parties for the right solution they have in mind so they can settle the problem. You can ask each of them for conditions they are willing to compromise on until they reach on a deal. The parties involved should then try to sort out the other conditions among themselves without the mediator. The mediator should only be needed when another dispute comes up.


Source by Brian Jones Jr.

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