How, When and Why to Get a Divorce Without a Lawyer


Why get a divorce without an attorney? There are two very good reasons to get a divorce without a lawyer. They are:

Cost; and

When to get a divorce without a lawyer?

Before expanding on the two main reasons to get a divorce without a lawyer, let me set out when you can get a divorce without a lawyer.

Essentially, your divorce terms must be agreed upon between you and your spouse. This means your divorce must be uncontested or there is no contest to stage in court. If you and your spouse cannot agree to the ALL the terms, then getting a divorce without a lawyer is not a viable option for you.

That said, you could both visit a family law mediator and attempt to mediate or negotiate the terms. This is usually a much cheaper option to settle your differences than both of you hiring divorce lawyers.

Family law mediators who are certified know the divorce law in your state or province and so they can tell you generally how a court may settle the terms of your divorce. Sure, a judge may decide differently, but generally speaking, if the facts are presented to a family law mediator, you’ll get pretty sound information about how a court may settle your divorce terms.

If, after seeing a divorce mediator you agree on all the terms, then you can pursue getting an Online divorce without a lawyer.

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IMPORTANT: if at any time you need legal advice, you should visit a lawyer!

How to get a divorce without a hiring a lawyer?

Once you and your spouse agree to all the terms of your divorce, then one of the cheapest and fastest ways to finalize and file your divorce paperwork is to hire an Online divorce service. A great Online divorce service will have you provide all the relevant information about your situation and then complete all the paperwork for your state or province.

Then all you need to do is file that paperwork in your county or local court. It’s that simple and it is very, very cheap compared to hiring a divorce lawyer.

Returning to the cost savings and speed reasons for getting a divorce without a lawyer.

You can save thousands of dollars in two ways.

First, you will save money on the lawyer fees. Considering lawyers charge anywhere from $150 to $400 per hour, those savings add up fast.

Second, if you go to court for an all-out-battle, there is a chance the decision will be much worse for you than if you had agreed to the demands of your spouse. Going to court involves risk every time.


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