How to Write an Effective Church Letter


Church letters are a wonderful way for pastors and church staff to keep in touch with members of the congregation, and to reach out to those in the community. They can be used for many different purposes, from thank you letters to invitations to events and gatherings. Since these letters are quickly gaining a reputation for their results, it is important to know how to write them effectively.

Expressing an authentic sense of sincerity is very important when writing an effective church letter. Unlike a sales letter, which is designed to entice someone to buy a product or service, a church letter should be written to create a bond with the recipient. When writing a letter, begin by explaining the purpose of the letter and offering thanks, condolences, etc., on behalf of the church. Be respectful and warm in your tone, writing in a voice of someone who truly cares about the issue being addressed and how it affects the recipient of the letter. While it is not always necessary for every letter you will write, it is very important to discuss God and prayer.

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When concluding a church letter, be sure to offer the assistance and support of the church in the matter at hand. The purpose of the letter is to let the recipient know that they are not alone in their joy or sorrow and that they can rely on their church family.

The final step of the letter should be a quote from the Bible that speaks to the topic of the letter. Offering support, witnessing to the power of God, and citing the Scripture are all integral parts of an effective church letter.


Source by Daryl K Smith