How to Start a Church Daycare


Starting a church daycare is a good alternative for one who wants to earn income, putting to use both homemaking and knowledge at parenting. This is how to start a church daycare.

First, familiarize yourself with state laws and regulations in your area and plan accordingly. Take into account area requirements, meals, activities, equipment needs, personnel and other regulations.

Design a business plan, conforming to state laws’ requirements on childcare institutions. A business plan is handy when sourcing out funds from banks and lenders.

Coordinate with your local church and discuss your business plan. A church or a local organization that will back you up with financial and other ways of support is necessary to start-up and getting clients. Endorsements from them will bring in potential clients.

Scout for a place near your local church. This should be spacious enough to accommodate your target clientele. This should be accessible and has a good parking space.

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Childproof your daycare center. Buy all necessary supplies and equipment. You can get help from members of your church if you needed to rent or borrow equipment for awhile.

Increase your knowledge in child care. Be familiar with first aid administration and CPR. Plan your staff. Coordinate with your church to scout applicants. Ensure that they are qualified for childcare functions and licensed in CPR before you start a church daycare.

Advertise your day care facility. Flyers, pamphlets. posters, local radio plugs and newspaper ads can help bring in clients. Of course, during congregation meetings, you can enlist the help of friends to do the advertising for you.

The steps are but the staples. For ideas, remember that with your church backing you up, many would have bright ideas and pitch in to help. You just need to coordinate with the right people.


Source by John F Smith