How to Negotiate Like a Pro – Questions to Ask to Get a Better Deal


In this economy everyone wants to negotiate or haggle for the best deal. I have compiled a list of questions to ask when you are trying to negotiate a better price or deal. If one of these questions does not elicit any response, try another. Be persistent.

Here are the questions:

1. What is the best you can do?

Sometimes there is usually what I call “wiggle room” built-in on the price of the item. It does not hurt to ask even in places where you don’t think you can get a discount.

2. Is this the lowest price?

This sounds like question 1 but is a little different. If one does not work, try this question to see if you get a response.

3. What is the lowest price if I buy 2?, 5? or 10?

Try buying in bulk. This can make a big difference.

4. What if I pick up the item?

This can save them considerable expense especially if free shipping is offered.

5. Can you give me a discount since it is chipped, damaged, or a floor model?

Often a damaged item is very hard to sell so a seller may be glad to get this sold even at a reduced price.

6. Since you are already in the neighborhood, can you mow my lawn, too?

Seize on an opportunity if a worker that you need is already doing a similar job in the neighborhood. The convenience may allow the seller to give you a large discount. Remember time is money if he is already in the neighborhood.

7. Are you willing to barter?

I am a carpenter, massage therapist, piano teacher, and I am willing to trade my services for yours.

8. Are you willing to do a trade?

I will give you this if you give me that.

9. Is there going to be a sale? Is this on sale?

If there is going to be a sale in the near future, the seller may give you the sales price now or allow you to come back with your receipts during the sale and get the discount then.

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10. Why don’t you give me a discount and you won’t have to carry this heavy item home?

Especially at the end of the day at an antiques fair, where the packing up can me a hastle, it might be an attractive offer to sell an item today and not have to keep shlepping it.

11. Can you give me an upgrade?

If you get bad service, especially in a hotel or with the airlines, ask for an upgrade or free stay or flight. Some companies are really into customer service and may give you something for your inconvenience. Even if you didn’t get bad service, explain that you have special needs and ask for them to help you.

12. Can I have a free refill or a free sampler?

Once you are in a restaurant, ask for a free refill for your drink. Ask for a free dessert sample. Ask for three for the price of two.

13. Can you throw something extra into the deal?

If you are getting a high ticket item, ask for something else to be thrown in. For example if you get a sofa, ask for some free pillows. If you get the expensive necklace, ask for the earrings free. You get the idea.

14. Do you do layaway?

Layaway is something that people may consider very archaic, something that is no longer fashionable. However, layaway may be the new credit card. It is a way to get something you want but can’t pay for at this time without paying any interest fees. Generally a fee is paid to hold the item. Even if not advertised, ask for it anyway.

Once you start thinking about getting a better deal, the questions are endless. Don’t give up. Keeping trying.


Source by Mary Greenwood

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