Do We Have to Go to Church to Go to Heaven?


Besides asking whether a Christian needs to be baptized, the other question that seems to be asked more and more is, do we need to go to church. I think the reason why this question is coming up more and more, is our present condition in the country, and that is because less people are attending Church than ever before.

A lot of people do attend Church regularly, and there are many reasons why they do so, including:

1. To please a spouse or parent that likes attending Church.

2. To make themselves appear to be a Christian in front of others.

3. Church is something we should do as a Christian.

4. Enjoyment of getting together for fellowship with Christian friends.

There are many more reasons why people to not attend Church, such as:

1. They believe attending Church is not necessary to go to Heaven.

2. They do not like crowds, or feel comfortable around people.

3. Church is not like it used to be, Biblical truths and warnings are no longer preached in fear of discouraging members.

4. They can stay home and watch Church on TV or the internet.

I could go on and on with reasons why people go to Church, or why others do not attend Church, but there is no need to do so. The simple but powerful truth is, Church does not save us from our sins, and by going to Church we are not guaranteed of going to Heaven, and it does not mean we will go to Hell if we do not go.

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We are saved from our sins, and are guaranteed of eternity in Heaven by repenting of our sins, accepting and placing all of us trust and faith in Jesus Christ as our personal, Lord and Savior.

Like, baptism, Church does not save us from anything; it is an outward expression of our changed lives, our dedication to do what the Lord tells us that we should do, as his followers.

There are numerous reasons why we should attend a true Christian, Bible believing and preaching Church and such reasons include:

1. Fellowship of other Christians, many that are more mature in the faith.

2. The joy of group singing and praises to the Lord Jesus.

3. A proper place where we can give an offering or tithe to help maintain the Church body, and spread the word about Jesus and his salvation.

If there is no physical, mental or other reasons stopping you from going to Church services, then you should attend as regularly as possible.

The Lord Jesus tells us that we should go to Church, and that should be reason enough.

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Source by Robert Benjamin