Church Fundraising Ideas – Raising Money for Spiritual Causes


Churches need money for building projects, mission trips, to help people in need, and to support activities; and raising money requires church fundraising ideas. Many fundraising ideas exist; it’s just a matter of choosing the one that is right for your group. This will depend on the amount of money you hope to raise, the demographics of the volunteers, resources you have available, and where you will be having the fundraiser.

When you are thinking about church fundraising ideas, stop to first consider the type of fundraiser that you are interested in. Some fundraisers involve selling a product over a period of time. Other fundraisers happen on a certain day. Some involve a great deal of planning and organizing. Others are very simple to implement.

At the simplest level, you can raise money by using fundraising cans or boxes placed in your church. Many churches have had children and adults collect their spare change in small piggy banks and then used the money for missions. You could also collect money for a certain cause or need during the service offering. These fundraisers need relatively little planning, other than distributing and collecting the cans or banks.

Churches will find that more companies are offering religious products for organizations to sell through fundraisers. Generally, you’ll receive a share of the overall profits and the profit percentage may increase the more you sell. You might sell candles that have inspirational messages on them, Christian t-shirts, or religious books and magazines. Ask church members what they would like to sell and what they think their friends and family members would like to buy.

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Church fundraising ideas also include event fundraisers. These fundraisers take place during an event of some sort such as a dinner, auction, car wash, or race. Silent auctions work well for many churches, particularly if you have in your church a lot of creative individuals or business owners willing to donate items. Events generally require a good degree of planning, but the actual event takes little time.

You can also blend some of these categories to come up with other fundraising ideas for your church. You could create cookbooks and sell them at other church events, for example. Using established groups or events within the church can help get the word out about your event.

Many church fundraising ideas exist and you can find a variety on websites or in fundraising books. Remember to keep in mind your church and its needs when deciding on a fundraiser. You can also consider using multiple fundraisers throughout the year to accomplish your goals.


Source by Steven Roberts