Litigated Cases

  • Conflict Resolution & Peacemaking Cross-Culturally in a Foreign Country

    [ad_1] Cross-cultural conflict can be increasingly demanding and far more exhausting than dealing with people within your own country and culture. During my tour of India, our team had an issue with a leader in Punjab. The disgruntlement occurred over a miscommunication, lack of understanding, and cross-cultural preference for articulating one’s feelings. After giving an […]

  • Reasons to Use Family Mediation

    [ad_1] There are many different reasons to use family mediation. Before getting into that it is a good idea to know a little more about what mediation is first. Family mediators are unbiased third parties who are trained to help with negotiating conflicts with families, or really any group of people who are in conflict. […]

  • The Link Between Opioid Addiction And Endorphin Deficiency

    [ad_1] Opioid dependence is a disease that affects nearly 2.5 million people in the United States aged 12 years or older according to a national survey conducted in 2006. Often times, these people begin using opioid drugs to combat pain, be it physical or psychological. As a result of numerous interviews conducted through scientific studies […]

  • Family Law Explained

    [ad_1] Family law is the branch of law which deals with all maters related to family unit and other domestic relations such as surrogacy and adoption, domestic partnerships, civil unions, marriage, divorce, child abduction, child abuse matters, child neglect, child maintenance, child adoption, paternity cases, child visitation rights, child custody, alimony, division of family property, […]

  • Psychic Addiction – Is it Possible to Be Hooked on Psychic Readings?

    [ad_1] Is psychic addiction real? Is it possible to become so dependent on psychic readings and advice that you actually become “addicted”? And what can you do if you start to feel like you genuinely have a problem? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at psychic addiction, and […]

  • Sexual Ecstasy and the Five Senses

    [ad_1] How about some spiced up Human Action for your pleasure? The Libertarian Warrior loves sex, especially sex that expands the body, mind and spirit. Sex “experts” have written about the various techniques for enhancing your sexual pleasure. It’s true that learning certain techniques have a positive effect. However: Is learning and using better sex […]

  • Origins of Land Surveying

    [ad_1] The principles of land surveying date back almost as far as the idea of land ownership. Ever since ancient man determined that one piece of land would belong to one group, and the other piece to another group, there was a need to mediate between land disputes. This is where land surveying came in, […]

  • Role of Nurse Liaison in Long Term Acute Care Facilities

    [ad_1] Nurse liaisons within Long Term Acute Care Facilities (LTAC) act as advocates on behalf of patients. They are also considered to be troubleshooter ensuring smooth communication between health care providers, patients and their families. A Long Term Acute Care Facility is a freestanding setting for patients with chronic conditions needing specialized intensive care. Average […]

  • 7 Breast Cancer Triggers And How To Avoid Them

    [ad_1] Statistically, 1:3 women and 1:2 men will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. Those statistics are compelling reasons to be very proactive with your health and to understand the triggers that can lead to Breast Cancer, or any type of cancer. Cancer cannot grow in a healthy body. Plain and […]

  • Earn Extra Money by Selling Oil and Gas Leases

    [ad_1] Given the current state of the economy, millions of Americans are looking for ways to earn extra money. Selling oil and gas leases are one option that could help individuals earn more income. Selling mineral leases involves selling the rights to a piece of land to a lessee who is interesting in mining the […]

  • Does Cardio Fitness Improve Muscle Gain?

    [ad_1] Hi everyone, I’m Jeffrey Rollins and I’d like to share my views about the all important cardio vs muscle building exercises dilemma and can they really help each other. How should you spend your time exercising and does cardio fitness really help to improve muscle gain and tone? Well, IMHO there’s a strict connection […]

  • How to Negotiate Like a Pro – Questions to Ask to Get a Better Deal

    [ad_1] In this economy everyone wants to negotiate or haggle for the best deal. I have compiled a list of questions to ask when you are trying to negotiate a better price or deal. If one of these questions does not elicit any response, try another. Be persistent. Here are the questions: 1. What is […]