Congregational Mediation

  • Handling Church Complaints – Ten Tips For Leaders

    [ad_1] 1. Know that complaints are an issue in every area of ministry. The more you do not take complaints and criticism personally, the better off you will be emotionally and the more you will be effective in ministry. 2. Maintain some humility. Sometimes complaints are about an area where you need to improve. 3. […]

  • Church History AD 101 to AD 200

    [ad_1] Church History A.D. 101 to A.D. 200 This era of Christianity begins with the peaceful death of the apostle John, who died at a ripe old age in the city of Ephesus where he had long served his church. Timothy may have buried the Apostle John, but he would have also been quite old, […]

  • Church Phone Etiquette – 7 Tips To Be Effective On The First Call

    [ad_1] Proper church phone etiquette will present your church ministry effectively. A strong first impression over the phone is one of the most important keys to building your ministry. The first impression from someone who calls on the phone is just as important as the initial impression when meeting someone in person. That phone call […]

  • The Scroll of Revelation, 7 – The Laodicean Church Lives Today

    [ad_1] The Laodicean Church Laodicea. (3:14-22) The identification of Jesus here as Faithful and True(3:14) is clearly meant to let the Laodiceans know of His unerring diagnosis. He cannot be wrong about the assessment to follow. “May I have your attention please! I know what I am about to say is true…” (3:15-16) Is it […]

  • Catholic Celebrations Throughout the Year

    [ad_1] Everyone is familiar with Easter and Christmas, but not everyone is familiar with the other important celebrations of the Catholic Church throughout the year. In this article, I will detail all of the important celebrations of the Catholic Calendar, as well as its unique features. The holiest days in the Catholic calendar are called […]

  • Is Your Church in Alignment?

    [ad_1] The Message driven Church By message we are not talking about The Message, but the sub-message. The message of Jesus is usually always preached and does not change, but what about the sub-message or how the message is stated? Is the sub-message, Jesus says… or how to fix a broken world… or help for […]

  • Presbyterian Church: Facts and Faith

    [ad_1] Do you know very much about the Presbyterian Church? There are only just over a million members of the Presbyterian Church in the United States, but it is one of the leading Protestant religions outside of the U.S. with large congregations in England, Wales, and Scotland, among other countries. Reformer John Calvin, a Swiss/French […]

  • How to Create a Church Strategy

    [ad_1] A successful and dynamic church will only be achieved with the right strategy. Although one strategy may not be applicable to all churches, there are common approaches that make for a healthy growing church. Before thinking of strategies, it is wise to be reminded of basic truths about church and church management. First, only […]

  • Church And Addiction

    [ad_1] Church is often an important factor in overcoming addiction. The right Pastor or Priest is even more important. We need to attend a Church that will consistently help us to fight addiction. A Church that will help us to never look back at the addiction that has caused us much pain and destruction. A […]

  • Fast Food Restaurants and Churches – What They Have in Common

    [ad_1] The rise of fast food restaurants in the world is a current phenomenon. McDonald’s was the first major chain, and it stood unchallenged for many years providing inexpensive fast food and an entertainment experience. The market exploded suddenly, with a numerous variety of franchises spreading to the reaches of North America and eventually to […]

  • Church Greetings – Dump the Insincere Hello, How Are You

    [ad_1] Most of us are guilty of greeting someone with the standard greeting of “Hello”. In fact, that’s what we do at work and even out and about in public areas. Hello is a common greeting and maybe it’s all too common. Many will agree, we are living in some stressful times. More and more […]

  • The Churches of Revelations – The Fifth Church – Sardis

    [ad_1] The Church of Sardis (Revelations 3:1-6), has a deadly serious problem. Listen to what the Lord Jesus says about Sardis. Every Christian belongs to one of the churches of Revelations. Let us examine ourselves and prayerfully seek God’s face and forgiveness. Revelation of Jesus:Jesus reveals himself as the one that has the seven Spirits […]