Congregational Mediation

  • Doing Theology in Today’s Africa – Issues and Trends in Nigeria

    [ad_1] INTRODUCTION Since the mid-1950s, African theologians like John Mbiti, Edward Fashole-Luke, Desmond Tutu, Vincent Mulago and Harry Sawyerr, Bolaji Idowu, Byang Kato and others have made it their mission to bring the gospel to bear on Africans’ lives and thought-worlds — to make Christianity indigenous on a continent that first heard the gospel in […]

  • Church Growth In Africa Compared To South Korea

    [ad_1] The spreading of the gospel in Africa came at the same time with colonialism and slave trade, hence African people received the gospel with mixed feeling. Many African people believed that the bible is the work of a white man and Christianity a religion of the white people. In the African context religion was […]

  • Tips on How to Do Church Repair and Restoration

    [ad_1] Life nowadays has become relatively complicated and it has become as important as ever for people to have a suitable place of prayer and worship. The solemnity and peace a church offers is the perfect escape from the turmoil and troubles of daily life. As such, there’s no question that the maintenance or restoration […]

  • Definition of Apostle

    [ad_1] Let’s clear up the definition of “Apostle” once and for all. It is crucial that we understand its original meaning as it was used by the apostles in the New Testament and that the same context which was used to define an apostle in the New Testament also be used to define an apostle […]

  • Walking Away From the Church, Is There a Crisis?

    [ad_1] It’s been undeniable that the church has been changing in the last fifty years. penticostal and charismatic churches have continued to grow while the mainstream churches have battled with ageing congregations and dwindling numbers world wide. Churches have changed. There’s been the introduction of amplified music and, heaven forbid, DRUMS but the change has […]

  • Thinking, Behavior, Religion and Church

    [ad_1] Thinking and behavior, in the name of religion and church, seem foul sometimes. Instead of avoiding or blaming, a little experiment can be done. Religion and church can be evaluated to determine if they really are the source of thinking and behavior. This effort has to be scientific, minus the human emotionalism quite often […]

  • Modular Church Buildings Are Beautiful, Affordable and Feasible

    [ad_1] Modular church buildings provide beautiful, affordable and feasible options for ministries of all sizes. This is a cost-effective way to add additional space to your current facility. Worship centers, gymnasiums, administrative and pastoral offices, classrooms, and more are all easily added through the use of a prefab building structure. Read this article to find […]

  • The Churches of Revelations – The Second Church – Smyrna

    [ad_1] Every Christian belongs to one of the seven churches of Revelations. The Church of Smyrna (Revelations 2:8-11), is commended for being faithful. Listen to what the Lord Jesus has to say about Smyrna and examine yourself. God commends those who are faithful. This church is pleasing to God. Revelation of Jesus: Jesus says he […]

  • Creative Marketing Ideas For Churches

    [ad_1] Church marketing is a tricky endeavor. It’s important to be present and noticeable, but many people don’t like churches to be pushy or forceful, so it’s all about finding the right balance. In addition, churches need a clear vision of who they are and what they have to offer so that potential members will […]

  • Let the Church Be the Church

    [ad_1] Depending on whom you ask, or the study you read, roughly 70 – 80% of Americans claim Christianity as their faith. Drive through any major city in our country and it seems as if there is a church on every corner. According to a report which appeared on in October 2009, there were […]

  • Building Your Church Congregation By Thinking Outside of the Box

    [ad_1] Speaking with church professionals every day has opened my eyes to some of your problems in common. Many have mentioned that the contributions they are receiving in 2010 have been less than in 2009. By building the size of your congregations in 2011, the size of your contributions will increase. I would like to […]