Congregational Mediation

  • Creating an Effective Church Welcome Packet

    [ad_1] A first-rate welcome packet is an important part of the new visitor experience. Done correctly, a packet can help to draw someone back to your church again, by informing them of opportunities to connect with other members while also reminding them of the personality and mission of your church. Let’s evaluate this tool and […]

  • Consequences of Division Within the Body of Christ – Spiritual Immaturity and Sexual Immorality

    [ad_1] Division in the church is the result of man trying to incorporate their imperfect ideas, perceptions, and religious rituals into the perfection of God’s Holy Word. In the Bible days, the church of Corinth was the perfect example of this type of behavior within the church. Paul did address their behavior concerning this matter […]

  • Top Five Most Popular Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria

    [ad_1] Pentecostalism started in Nigeria in the early 1950’s with the coming of the Christian missionaries into Nigeria. It was a double targeted message they came to deliver to the passionate Nigerians as they came with the gospel of Christ and also ensuring that those they came to preach to were educated. The exponential growth […]

  • Five Things Large Christian Churches Have in Common With Casinos

    [ad_1] I’m sure that there are a lot more than five things that Christian churches have in common with casinos, but here’s some of the things that most reasonable minded people would agree on. 1. They both operate out of large buildings that are usually strategically located off of large freeways or on well-traveled city […]

  • Traditions of Men – Series Opener

    [ad_1] The question is often asked “What would Jesus do?” when faced with a problem in life. But how often do we ask that question when faced with non-biblical teachings in Church? Just as there are numerous denominations one can attend, each denomination it seems, comes with it’s own list of traditions created entirely by […]

  • Administering the Local Church Through Promoting Stewardship

    [ad_1] Introduction The word Stewardship stems from the Greek word Oikonomia which means “the management of a house or household.” It is the administration of duties or goods in one’s care. It can be defined as the aspect of the church’s administration, which deals with the individual’s responsibility for sharing systematically and proportionately his time, […]

  • The Church at Auvers

    [ad_1] The painting “The Church at Auvers” is dramatic in its form. The land in front of the church is lit up by the light of day. The rays of the sun reach the ground here, and lush green vegetation thrives as a result. However, as we move closer to the church, the rays of […]

  • Is Your Church Struggling Financially?

    [ad_1] As I talk to church leaders around the U.S., I hear stories of flat and reduced salaries and staff and program cuts. More than a year of recession and slow recovery has taken its toll. And many churches depend on the generous giving of older members who are gradually dying off, while the generations […]

  • Church Sound Systems

    [ad_1] The quality of church sound systems should not be taken lightly by anyone…the ministry staff, the sound technicians, or the congregation. Church is a place to hear God’s word, talk with friends, and to just relax from all the stresses of the outside world. The sound system is one touch point that overlaps all […]

  • Love and Prayers to Heal Divisions in the Christian Church

    [ad_1] More than same-sex marriage and pedophile priests molesting choir boys, what tears the Christian Church apart is its own followers’ biases and prejudices against each other. As Christians, we tend to focus too much on our diversity that we forget what it is that unites us: our faith in Jesus Christ, his death for […]

  • The Cheating Church at Work

    [ad_1] A minister once wrote anonymously requesting prayer from me. He had been having an affair for many years, meeting a woman in a hotel about halfway between their two cities. He used the Scripture, “like a dog returns to its vomit” to describe their relationship and lamented that, to make the matter known as […]

  • Church Construction and the Americans with Disabilities Act

    [ad_1] The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law by President George H. W. Bush in 1990. The ADA was created, in part, to ensure that a person in a wheelchair is able to move from their car into a building, and access all public areas of the building without assistance. Most churches […]