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The name of Callaway golf is widely known across the world. They make some of the best golf equipment that money can buy. They even have their own magazine called Callaway Golf Magazine and it has been running for almost 4 years. When it was launched, it received some very high acclamations including a bronze award for the best new publication.

Another great feature of the Callaway Golf magazine is that it is completely free and distributed to major retailers to give away to avid golf fans. More than 3 million copies are given away each year and it is still very well received to this day. The magazine itself includes rare interviews with some of the best players in the game, such as Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and Annika Sorenstam. The players share their golf tips and personal experiences of how they have become the great golfers that they are.

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Annika was the first golfer ever to appear in the Callaway Golf Magazine 4 years ago. She shared valuable tips that helped her to become one of the best women in the game. She shared that one thing she concentrates on the most is to stay focussed on good balance and to be comfortable when driving the ball. Maintaining a good solid movement all the way through from the arms to the feet and pivoting is crucial to hitting the ball straight.

So if you like to play golf and want to pick up some valuable tips from the professionals, then why not try and pick up a copy of the Callaway Golf Magazine. You’ll find it at all good golf outlets and maybe even your local golf course may give out copies. The more you can do to improve your game, the better golfer you will become!


Source by Tony Newton

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