A Step-By-Step Guide to Church Fundraising Event Management


You must have attended church fundraising events many times before, but have you ever been a part of the team that organizes one? A church fundraiser is quite a large-scale event and a lot of planning goes into it to make it into a success both in terms of attendance and the funds raised. It is not feasible at all to manage every aspect of it manually. So, most church authorities nowadays opt for a comprehensive event registration software solution that is essentially meant for such events.

Following is a step-by-step guide that tells you how to plan your back-end tasks of church fundraising event management in a streamlined manner:

Step one: Create an online event registration form

Using pre-built templates of the church fundraising event registration software, create a custom-made registration form and upload it on the internet. Once the page is live, your target audiences, that is, the members of the church are able to track it online and sign up through it conveniently during anytime of the day.

Step two: Collect payments via online gateways

Provide multiple online payment options to your registrants so that they can initiate the payment formalities simultaneously as they fill up the form. This enables anybody globally who may not be able to attend the event personally to contribute towards the fundraiser. Just make sure that the payment gateways that are supported by the online payment management solution are PCI-compliant, in order to curb inhibitions about sharing credit card details while making transactions through any one of them.

Step three: Invite through emails

Using automated email messaging tool send out bulk invitations, confirmations, and notifications to all your attendees. See to it that all your mailers and online publications have links to your online event registration pages, so that recipients are able to navigate to it directly from their mailing interfaces.

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Step four: Launch a silent auction

Online auctions work wonders when there is a need to raise funds in less time. The church fundraising event registration software lets you launch such online auctions on many third party sites of repute. You just need to display the items on the site so that people can view them and bid on them. After a stipulated time, the bidder with the highest quoted bid is declared the winner and is allowed to purchase the item.

Step five: Promote

Let the world know about the upcoming church fundraising event through your online marketing campaigns. Buy a social media connector to publish regular event updates on popular social networking sites directly from your event dashboard. This will grab the attention of a large number of interested donors and supporters who will eventually either sign up for the event or donate online using the web based fundraiser tools.

Step six: Provide wait-list options

If you succeed in marketing your fundraiser effectively you can expect it to be sold out in no time. In that case, you need to have a waitlisting option ready in hand. This will enable you to accommodate more people from that list when there are last minute cancellations.

Follow these steps to have the maximum footfall at your church fundraising event and raise funds significantly.


Source by Jonathan Reynold