5 Steps To Take To Deal With Workplace Bullying


In recent years the number of cases of people seeking help with workplace bullying through legal means has increased substantially. But in most cases this is because the person who is being bullied has tried other routes with little or no success.

Certainly if you were to know ways to prevent workplace bullying from happening to either yourself or someone else then it is possible to put an end to yours or their nightmare.

Of course you could like so many others resort to taking the legal route. However before you do seek protection through legal means it is important to know that there are things that you can do to stop it. If you have the right information and have enough courage you can stop yourself or others from being bullied.

By knowing what to do when faced with such a situation in the workplace not only are you helping to free yourself or those being bullied. It will help to stop those doing the bullying from continuing with their negative actions. In return you should begin to see improvements in the rest of the staffs well being and in the atmosphere of the workplace as well.

Below we offer a few steps you may find useful in helping to stop bullying in the workplace.

You need to be aware of the circumstances that are surrounding the workplace bullying. So you need to not only be aware but also understand the behaviors of a bully so that you can immediately recognize the first signs of it occurring.

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As soon as you recognize that workplace bullying is occurring you should immediately approach those in authority within your business. Ideally you should speak to someone concerning the matter that you can trust. By being conscious of the bullying going on you can then take steps to prevent it and it will hopefully help to stop the situation from becoming any worse.

It is important that you document all kinds of bullying you or anyone else experiences. Not only will it help you to see through the situation as a whole but can be used as evidence if the need arises for your or the other person being bullied needs to file a formal complaint against their tormentor.

You should be aware of others may be experiencing what you are feeling. This way you can then file a complaint together and this will help to give your case much more credibility.

If you can you should actually try and confront those who are involved in workplace bullying. It is important that you remain objective when trying to tell them about their unacceptable behavior. You might have to ask someone to mediate between you. However if you are acting as the mediator then be careful and keep a close eye on the situation to ensure that escalation of the situation does not occur.


Source by Lou Feldman

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