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  • The Unseen or ‘Spirit’ World Around Us – Is It Real?

    [ad_1] 1. The ‘Unseen’ World has ‘Power’ Most people can relate to connecting an electrical appliance into a wall socket to utilize the electrical energy to operate one of many modern-day appliances. Electricity cannot be seen or heard, yet we instantly know its presence if we happen to touch one of its conductors accidentally. We […]

  • What Does the Bible Say About the Church?

    [ad_1] The Church of the Living God has a very important place in our world to fill. It is referred to in 1 Timothy 3:15 as “the pillar and ground of the truth.” As the pillar, it supports the truth. As the ground or foundation, it establishes the truth. We cannot overemphasize the crying need […]

  • Should Your Employees Represent Your Company As Spokespeople?

    [ad_1] Effective Use of New Media to Represent Your Company Online More and more companies are using employee spokespeople to promote and represent corporate culture online. The traditional role of a company representative is to mediate with the press, persuade his audience with adverts, articles and speeches, motivate buyers for their products and services, and […]

  • The Church – Building It or Destroying It

    [ad_1] Introduction Matthew 16:13-20. Caesarea Philippi was long associated with idol worship; the site for pagan worship centered on a massive stone façade, which Jesus referred to in His play on words concerning “rock”. Worship was directed to the pagan god Pan who was the Greek god of shepherds and flocks and was characterized by […]

  • What You Should Know About a Career Counselor

    [ad_1] When you do not know what to do about your work it is recommended to use the advice of a career counselor. It has the role and the ability to mediate and help you identify your strengths but also weaknesses. In other words, the career counselor is the person who helps you with advices […]

  • The Scroll of Revelation, 5 – God Writes to the Church (1)

    [ad_1] Commentary on Revelation 2:1-17. The communication to seven churches of the Roman province Asia is just what it appears to be: seven letters addressed to seven real churches, blessing them and warning them. All the fantasies of theologians through the years attempting to make these churches into church “ages” have failed. These seven churches, […]

  • How to Choose a Translator Wisely

    [ad_1] In one of our dictionaries “Translation” is defined as “the analysis of the meaning of a text in one language and the production of same text into another language that communicates the similar message and the person who actually translates or transforms the written message into another is called” Translator” or ” Text Converter”. […]